What is your Experience with Sales Commission Automation?

Every organization’s goal attainment power is closely connected with its sales results. Below are the parameters based upon the company measure its dreams coming into reality:

  • Improved process efficiencies
  • Lesser errors in the implementation of sales compensation
  • Increased profitability
  • Increased sales volume
  • Retaining of best salespeople

Everyone from sales reps to CEO and CFO keeps having discussions about this wish list throughout the year. They follow a pragmatic approach to get closer to their organizational goals. However, no doubt, this pattern can stand the chance of falling apart.

When sales teams have the latest tools to work with and efficient and effective processes to rely on, they have the capability to achieve more.

What is more important is that both the tools and processes support the communications framework. Also, there remains an alignment between the organization’s sales goals, employee engagement, and payouts, of course.

Benefits of the Robust yet Modern Sales Compensation Management System:

  • Increased Operational Efficiency

    A well-thought-out sales compensation process saves the organization a lot of time and hassle on every pay cycle. It creates room for sales operations staff, sales managers, and IT professionals to focus on important business operations that need more attention and work.

    • McAlign offers:
    • A dedicated sales compensation app that makes sure validated data every pay cycle.
    • Automation of sales compensation plan implementation, with comprehensive audit trails and reporting
    • A good dispute resolution ability
  • Decreased Shadow Accounting

    For SMEs, SMB, enterprises, and sales companies, being able to recapture even a tiny percentage of the time and effort sales reps devote validating their salary check and converting that into selling time, gives an excellent ROI.

    By using a technology solution to implement sales compensation assures timely disbursement of payroll. Also, it has the potential to quickly view and download a compensation statement and laid down the item details. When sales representatives have the know-how to easily review their compensation breakdown, they derive much confidence throughout the process.

    • McAlign offers:
    • To help organizations lessen and eventually remove the shadow accounting from their enterprise by bringing its technical expertise in place.
  • Increased Sales Effectiveness

    When organizations keep a solid track of their progress towards goals, it is highly likely for them to get closer to their goals and ultimately accomplish them. The latest technology and expertise enable communication with respect to the compensation plan. So, bringing more changes to the sales strategy and setting quotas again becomes all smooth and easier to manage.

    • McAlign offers:
    • Expertise and technology proficiency that facilitate sales operations to:
    • elucidate the working of a plan to increase the earnings
    • Balance out the enterprise’s goals with its sales strategy
    • provide information regarding the strategy or policy change
  • Reduced Turnover

    Improved visibility of the organization’s financial performance such as profit and loss reports, income statements, and accurate payments creates a sense of satisfaction and confidence among the sales team members. In case of any concerns or issues, they become easy to resolve which gives rise to a more productive relationship between the sales team and the organization itself.

    Many enterprises that choose to collaborate with McAlign become highly capable to reduce sales turnover and augment the level of employee satisfaction among the hard-working sales force.


McAlign brings a great mix of technology and expertise which in turn, provide clients with powerful top-and-bottom-line economic benefits. Considering the fact that sales compensation is an organization’s biggest controllable expense, even a little improvement in its efficiency and effectiveness has the capacity to deliver a huge ROI number. Imagine the returns you get with a highly streamlined and integrated technology solution.

  • Praveen R

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